there’s only one valentine queen in Mayberry

..and it’s Carol Kabler. With a maiden name of “Valentine”, and the notoriety of being the village’s most fascinating person, it would be pretty hard to imagine any other Valentine queen. Here she is below at right, in her 99th year, with her court.

the queen and her court

Thanks to Patti and her endless supply of craft tools, items, glitter, ribbon, tape, paper and art supplies, a second annual “make your own valentines” party was held at the church/community center. Lots of people came. Some people posed as giant valentines, others made piles of personal heart filled messages. Nobody went home empty-handed.

Food, frills, fun.


valentine table

making valentines


~ by kbosin on February 21, 2013.

4 Responses to “there’s only one valentine queen in Mayberry”

  1. How adorable! What a neat place Mayberry is! Wasn’t Carol at your birthday party? My mother will be 99 next week. Take care.

  2. So cute and sweet.

  3. Love this! What a fun place to live. And the Queen looks really fabulous!

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