spring blossoms

The maple tree outside my window has opened her early blossoms. Always among the very first signs of spring, this is a very welcome sight. On facebook, I  saw that someone around here spied an osprey – wow! Usually they arrive around St. Patrick’s Day.

red maple

The ground is impossibly wet – squishy, muddy, soaked. Like walking on a dirty sponge, you sink down deep inside of it. It’s boot season for sure.

Spring begins to appear in little things, like my to-do list, which is starting to include planning for summer and fall events.

I head to the estate to water the greenhouse seedlings, and take in the dusky scent of potting mix, water and heat – co-mingled and heady. It seems that being in there must be good for one’s health.

I slow down, take deep breaths in the greenhouse, close my eyes, and savor the moment.

Everything is right on time. I am right on time.

So are you.

~ by kbosin on February 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “spring blossoms”

  1. Kathy…thanks for the sentiment about me being on time, along with you. This week, I needed that.

  2. Except the belly baby who was due today. But we ate lunch outside today and it was lovely. And I think that feeling in the air is called hope.

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