wet-n-windy, but without winter weather

Sometimes this storm forecasting is just too much. Everyone has been pretty whipped up about the winter storm that was going to bring a big late season accumulation with wet, heavy snow, knocking out all the power out, etc.

But late yesterday, the folks at Grauls Market in St. Michaels said that there had been no rush at all, and if there was no rush, then it really wasn’t going to snow after all.

Just goes to show you – the wisdom of crowds.

Here’s a photo taken from the facebook page of Jeff’s Body Shop on Kent Island – the current update on the “Snowquestration” here on the Shore.


~ by kbosin on March 6, 2013.

8 Responses to “wet-n-windy, but without winter weather”

  1. What a difference a few hours west makes! We’re getting clobbered! Enjoy your “rain day”!

    • I’ll look for your snow pics! And you never know what could happen, but everything is just soaked and wet here. Hope you make one last snow angel for the year!

  2. Kathy, in last few minutes, a wet snow started falling here at Kent Narrows.

  3. Nothing in sight, I think the birds are all hunkered down for whatever is coming. Oh and now the snow has stopped. Sorry for the scare! Now I eat my words, lol.

  4. funny pic! We didn’t get anything either on this side of the Bridge. I kind of figured that from the birds yesterday. Just a regular day at the bird feeders. If it’s going to snow, they act frenzied. (Just like the people at Graul’s yesterday. I wanted to wear a badge that said ‘I really AM out of toilet paper!”

  5. Fun photo. Be glad you didn’t get the snow. We have had three none stop days of snow. Last night’s was a heavy wet 8 inches on top of all we already had in the ground.

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