Farewell, winter

It just seems obvious that this is the last little snow we’ll see all year, though we hardly had any all season. It came down whirling and screaming this morning, a wintry whiz. Perfect for a Monday morning.

backyard view

The snow on top of the ground spider webs was the last to melt. It lingered, in fat drops, then disappeared all together.

Farewell, winter.

snow on web

~ by kbosin on March 18, 2013.

4 Responses to “Farewell, winter”

  1. Reblogged this on minicks3 and commented:
    we hope winter is over, we are from Indiana, this morning we woke up to ice, and freezing rain, our schools were delayed, or closed

  2. We’re slated for another blizzard here, sadly. But we also still have just under a foot of ice on our lakes, and 3 inches of crusty old snow on the ground. I’m ready to see it go 🙂

  3. I wish winter was over here in New England. It is suppose to start snowing here this evening and last through tomorrow giving us another 6 to 12 inches on top of what is still on the ground. I’ll just have to admire your photos and dream of the spring weather that will get here sometime.

    • Oh yes, New England, Indiana……I recall how long winter lasted when we lived in Nebraska (FOREVER). The long wait…….hang in there, we’ve got a few flowering crabs starting around here. Only a few weeks left till you all will, too!

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