Burning of the Socks

Last weekend, the St. Michaels Business Association held a Friday evening “Burning of the Socks” event at Aida’s Victoriana Inn on the waterfront. Proceeds of the event benefited the Talbot Interfaith Shelter, the region’s cold weather homeless shelter.

The sock burning tradition began years ago at a boat harbor in Annapolis, when a crusty sailor used the occasion of the spring equinox to pull off his dank wool socks and celebrate the spring by tossing the socks into a paint can, & setting them on fire. An appealing idea for sailors everywhere who long for spring, the tradition has taken hold up and down both coasts of the US. Today, it’s a regular rite of spring in maritime communities.

Julie Imrie of the St. Michaels Business Association offered an Irish toast and some words of wisdom to spark the flame, and boxes of socks were brought out and tossed onto the fire. A surprising number of people including visiting tourists were willing to pull their own socks off their feet during the chilly evening, and toss them into the fire, while making a donation to the Talbot Interfaith Shelter.

And a sock burning is as good a reason as any for a kiss by the fire, as Kate and Glenn were glad to demonstrate.

Aida and Steve burn socks

irish toast


TIS table

Kate and Glenn

~ by kbosin on March 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “Burning of the Socks”

  1. It’s that time of year again – hooray!

  2. Snow is coming – better burn more socks!

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