maples bloom under a full moon

The maples are in full bloom and a full moon last night was bright over Harris Creek. It’s the “worm moon”, reminding us that even though the days remain cold, all kinds of life stirs even when we don’t see it….trees budding, crabs swimming up the Bay, riding on the tides toward our tributaries, worms moving about underground, doing their thing. The goldfinches are in molt at the feeder,  a brighter yellow color each passing week.

Just for a while, noticing the small changes each day, till spring swoops in and grabs us and we’re off, running, doing, rushing again.

One year ago today – cherry blossoms and maple leaves.  Not this year.

But on Twitter this morning, a Montreal nature lover was welcoming flocks of geese back to her home with pics of Vs and delighted exclamation points.

Everything is right on time.

maple blossoms

mar 26 full moon_edited-2

~ by kbosin on March 27, 2013.

5 Responses to “maples bloom under a full moon”

  1. The moon was so bright that it actually woke me up early this morning.

  2. I woke up suddenly at 6:30 this morning which was kind of unusual as I’d gone to bed at 1:30…

    What I saw made me leap out of bed….

    A ginormous, orange moon… something I have never seen in the morning… I grabbed a coffee and watched, transfixed as she set into the bay….

    I was reminded of the haunting song from Bagdad Cafe, ‘I am calling you (can’t you hear me…)’

    She was certainly calling to me, so full of herself… I was filled up to overflowing

    She was certanly calling me… so full of herself

  3. Who could orchestrate such a dramatic change of seasons on Monday, March 25, the funeral day of Sister Jeannette Murray. Sister Jeannette Murray, longtime Director of the Benedictine School and Services, in Ridgely, Md. has always been a force greater than life for her “kids” young and old with disabilities. On the morning of March 25, those who ventured out through the early springtime blizzard for her funeral, encountered the robins singing, the roads but wet, flowers blooming midst the snow. Our fears for our trips home after the colder temperatures of nightfall were unfounded as the Easter Shore showered us with just gentle rain and its puddles. Spring and Sister Jeannette remained our constant reminder that someone or something other than us is conducting the orchestra of the seasons of our lives.

    Thank you, Kathy, for reminding us the the true spirit of the Eastern Shore: resilence through any storm of life. May Sister Jeannette be included in that determined force of life who live on the Eastern Shore.

    Anne McCormick

    • Anne – that must have been beautiful – a spring blizzard in celebration of the life of a remarkable leader. I know she was deeply loved. Her legacy is grand – a large network of support and a grounding institution that offers help to so many people.

  4. way cool moon pic

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