Bird Ballet by Neels Castillon

You”re going to want to see this full size, so after you click play below, click on the little four arrows icon just to the left of the word vimeo on bottom right for a full screen view.

Directed, edited and graded by Neels CASTILLON
Director of photography: Mathias Touzeris
Music: Hand-made – Alt J
Location: Marseille, France

I think that the people who filmed this, put this particular music to it, and sent it out to us to share, have honestly made the world a better place.

~ by kbosin on April 6, 2013.

2 Responses to “Bird Ballet by Neels Castillon”

  1. These bird ballets are really mesmerizing to watch and the question is: how do they coordinate their flight so they can do this? There is just so much we don’t know regarding how things work in nature. If you want to see a fascinating video about how plants communicate, go to and watch the show on “What Plants Talk About.” It was on TV this week and it made me re-evaluate my opinions on plant behavior. The researchers are discovering that plants are behaving much like animals in that they can “call in” friendly insects to attack enemy insects who are trying to eat them. And they do this even though they are “brainless.” Check it out!

  2. Cool vid.
    The phenomena is called “bird flocking” and/or “swarm intelligence”

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