“Abundant Bounty” at Out Of The Fire Restaurant

On Sunday, the art show “Abundant Bounty” opened at Out of the Fire Restaurant in Easton – one of my favorite restaurants on the Shore. The show was terrific – big beautiful paintings by American Artist Janet Taylor Pickett. With a focus on women and empowerment, Taylor Pickett uses the dress as a metaphor for identity. Her paintings include mixed media collage, some include photographs with painting on top of them. Stunning work.


cotton pieces in back room

But here’s the thing. It’s about a whole lot more than stunning work. It’s a collaboration of beauty and abundance and empowerment. Taylor Pickett’s artwork has been transformed into wearable art by Kathy Imlay of VOTLO Couture. As an art dealer, Imlay traveled the world and saw tremendous injustice, with women and girls caught in cycles of violence and poverty. She vowed to do something about it.

Knowing that empowering girls and women is one of the fastest ways to empower entire communities, Imlay became connected with Heal Africa, an organization that is supporting girls and women in one of the most violent countries in the world, the DR Congo.

It made sense for Imlay to partner with Janet Taylor Pickett to create wearable art that would empower. With each VOTLO garment sold, a portion of proceeds pays a semester’s school tuition for a girl in the D.R. Congo – a direct and powerful link – one garment, one girl, one semester of school.

darcy and kathy in lizzy dee

And as I walked around the artist’s reception on Sunday at Out OF The Fire, I looked at the garments worn by Out Of The Fire’s Amy Haines, Janet Taylor Pickett, Kathy and others. They’re beautiful wearable art pieces, but they represent so much more. I thought about the girls that were getting a semester of school, halfway across the world, impacted by this one collaboration. How fitting that the brilliant colors and dresses of Taylor Pickett’s paintings are part of that transformation – beauty here leading to empowerment there.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the paintings in this show also benefit the Academy Art Museum‘s Outreach programs – a local link, completing the circle of collaboration.


Here’s hoping that Amy Haines of Out Of The Fire Restaurant chooses to use her space as an art venue for more and similar collaborations in the future. It’s a great space for art.

The show is up through May. If you needed another excuse to eat at Out Of The Fire in Easton, this is it. Not all of the work sold at the opening reception, so there are still paintings available.

Amy Haines, Janet Taylor Pickett, Kathy Imlay

Amy Haines, Janet Taylor Pickett, Kathy Imlay

And if you’d like to participate in the collaboration, you can purchase a garment at Lizzy Dee, M. Randall and Miranda’s in Easton, and send a girl to school for a semester.

How cool is that?

~ by kbosin on April 9, 2013.

5 Responses to ““Abundant Bounty” at Out Of The Fire Restaurant”

  1. just gorgeous!

  2. Fantastic! Just checked out Out of the Fire’s website – how wonderful that they are using their business to give back to so many worthy causes (both local and global initiatives on their website). And all of that seafood on their menu … yum! Will definitely have to visit, thank you!

  3. Great art, great benefit, great supporting businesses – very cool.

  4. don’t they look FUN??? awesome!

  5. What a wonderful article!! I can’t wait to purchase such a beautiful garment and know that a young lady will be given an education, “two birds with one stone”!

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