patriotism?….nope. Protest.

In Cambridge, MD – a house painted like the American flag.

flag house cambridge

When I saw this, I thought to myself – “oh boy, this is EXACTLY why we have historic district commissions…..”

….and it turns out that the historic district regulations were precisely what the building owner was protesting against – read the story here.

The rebel in me always loves a good protest, but the good neighbor and historic preservationist in me cringes.

What do you think?

~ by kbosin on May 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “patriotism?….nope. Protest.”

  1. I think it’s beautiful! Well executed, and novel interpretation of the flag theme. I would love to live near such a well-kept home! And yes, I live in a coveanted community, with late 1970’s colors schemes as the required choices. harvest gold, avocado, and spice brown are accurate, but not attractive. I’ve also dealt with the Historic Commission during an interior Reno…not fun, very expensive, and many rules are pointless. I understand wanting to keep the outside looking cohesive, but interior upgrades should be at the discretion of the homeowner. especially when it comes to energy conservation.

  2. They need to do it over. There should only be 7 red stripes and six white ones.

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