she’s a winner!!

…this vulture, drying her wings at the end of a long day.

drying her wings

It had been raining, and I suppose she might be tired, after a long day of work.

Unlike some of us, she does really USEFUL work….basically – turning death into life. And cleaning the roads at the same time….

…and in exchange – she ONLY participates in the barter economy.

She don’t need no stinkin’ money. Or goods. Or services, although she provides them.

I watch and count all the time. Here’s a dead deer – big one, along Rt. 33. In less than 14 days, all that’s left is a few bones.

A squirrel?

Two days.

Turtle? Gone FAST!

With sincere appreciation for these neighbors that do such important work.

Seriously grateful.


~ by kbosin on May 19, 2013.

10 Responses to “she’s a winner!!”

  1. In Florida we call dead animals along the road TV Dinners – meals for the turkey vultures…

  2. Crabs do the same thing, only under water. Funny —we eat them, but not vultures.

  3. Exactly why my Dad won’t eat crabs.

  4. A great post for an awesome, well-deserved bird!

  5. They be ugly in appendices and diet but they are the most beautiful flyers out there with uncanny ability to find lift. They enjoy flight and display an ability to maneuver that make any flyer envious.

  6. Been away for a few days. Just checked in on the last 3-4 blogs. All I can say is “Thanks, Kathy, for what you do!” Always interesting to read and fun to look at.

  7. from one birder to another, how do know it’s a her?

  8. good plan

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