I’m appreciating silence on this cool, breezy May morning, mostly because a loud lawnmower is very present in this moment. But that’s fine – contrast is necessary for true appreciation. When else is silence as sweet as the moment the lawnmower stops?

The topic of silence and listening has come up repeatedly in my head lately, as so many other thoughts bounce from side to side like bingo balls. Perhaps the desire for silence is borne out of the clanging noise of those balls ricocheting around.

About a month ago, I started this new thing – sitting in silence, refusing to think a thought at all, but listening intently – to nature, to the place itself.

And there’s a moment, maybe one minute in –  after a good long minute of truly listening, where you’ll feel a shift. It’s different than meditating, where the goal is no thought, or focus only on one’s breath.  This is about paying attention to sound, and reaching to listen.

At the moment of the shift, you’ll feel your own rhythm switch pace, almost click – into place with nature.Is it the heartbeat? Maybe. Maybe it’s an internal rhythm of a soul sort. Whatever it is…

…it’s really groovy.

Try it.

old wooden boat

I did it in the small boat shed at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum on Tuesday, and it was delicious. I listened to the echo of the room, mostly – distant sounds of people, machines. Time stood still, and when I re-emerged into my thinking self, I felt a different connection with the wooden boats – the trees that were planed, the builders, the men and women who rode high off the waters in them, and even with the bugs, crawling in and out.

A little woo-woo? Maybe.

But who doesn’t need a little woo, every once in a while?

~ by kbosin on May 23, 2013.

3 Responses to “listen!”

  1. Thank you ever so much, Kathy, for your inspirational article on the serene act of deep breathing. I was reminded of this techique at a COMPASSION WORKSHOP that I took with George Merrill. It was a wonderful experience and so was George. I will now go out on the shores of the Choptank on my lawn and find this serenity of breath.

  2. Lovely, I will. Thanks.

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  3. A little woo-woo to you too K-Bo. You seem to share something in common with John Cage and his composition 4′ 33″ of Silence. Read the wiki article and you’ll see what I mean. When Leopold Stokowski was asked to give his opinion of Cage’s piece he supposedly replied, “I’m very interested in this new work by Mr. Cage and am looking forward to longer works from him in the future.”

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