she’s got her ducks in a row…

….that Carol Bean does, of Pot Pie Farm!

ducks in a row

In preparation for Saturday morning’s St. Michaels FRESHFARM market, she’s planning salad mix, microgreens, eggs, lettuces, and maybe some  lemon or lime curd and more. That delicious radish-green garlic butter? You never know till you get there.

Carol’s Pot Pie  Farm CSA begins next week and runs through Thanksgiving. If you’re thinking about stepping in to support a local farm, with occasional seafood and homemade delights, this is one for you.  The beauty of community-supported agriculture is that you get to step in as a partner – you share the risks and the rewards of the farmer’s hard work and nature’s hand. For more  information, contact her

Stop in and see her  if you’re around Talbot County – just off Talbot St. in St.  Michaels, 8:30 am – 11:30 am on Saturday mornings.

While you’re there, say hi to Rachel Vecchio of Rt. 33 Baking Company and she’ll give you a taste of her cookies and brownies.

Can you say salty-sweet crunch? Yea, you can.

~ by kbosin on May 30, 2013.

3 Responses to “she’s got her ducks in a row…”

  1. Thanks for by Kathy….always the highlight of my day! And thanks for all you do in support of community-minded individuals and activities! I couldn’t ask for a more generous and thoughtful supporter. You da best!

  2. Lovew the pics AND the awesome shout outs, Kathy! Thanks!

  3. […] place, common ground, where many of us in this rural neck go in good  times and in bad, in winter, spring, summer and fall to experience local foods. Annual November bonfires, spring planting, summer […]

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