Fishing Creek again…

A holiday! With family time – grilled pizzas!


….kayaks, walks, bikes, bean dip. homemade wine. stories.

No internet for days.

Wouldja stoke that wood stove?

Pounding rain on the cabin’s metal roof. Every drop will eventually flow downstream, right into the Chesapeake Bay.


zip by woodstove

Fresh pot of coffee, Applecake.

New Yorker magazines, Organic Gardening, O!


Soft velvety undersides of oak leaves. Blue-white-purple wild phlox, drifting through swaths, popping in fields – a backdrop to every single thing.


Brown trout caught on that gray mayfly, hatching at dawn inches above the creek.

Mossy thick green on hard rock.

Walks on the gravel road – “hello, Kathy-Kevin! Hi Zip!”, they say (community! We’ve been coming here for 22 summers.)

That creek smell, those scents wafting. The way the door slides and the way the windows hang on those hooks.

Kool Kup for ice cream!

kool kup

Listen! Look! Breeze!

That particular, specific, certain green of May and May alone – on Fishing Creek again.

Thank YOUniverse.

green leaves

~ by kbosin on May 31, 2013.

One Response to “Fishing Creek again…”

  1. We call that Big Love Pizza – many hands make light work!

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