Summer Solstice, King Tides, Supermoon

With three events coinciding like that, it was only fitting that the folks in Mayberry decided to celebrate with a percussion parade. We convened at the community center (church), with our own noise-makers, and Patti brought more – there were metal tools, buckets to bang on, garbage can lids, jars of macaroni to shake, rattles, drums and flags. Inspired by the Global Junk Jam held last month, Barbara Reichert brought a kazoo for every single one of us. Musician Chris Noyes led us in…well, noise-making.

Imagine the surprise of the Australian family in the camper, who were parked down at the Landing, intending a quiet summer sunset. (Mom never did come outside of the camper, but Dad and daughter did join us to watch the sun go down, and banged a stick against a pie plate.) I like to think that when they return to Australia after their 6 months traveling the US, they’ll recall with fondness the wacky gang of men, women, dogs and children in Claiborne, parading with bikes and golf carts through the village to see the summer solstice sunset at the landing, singing, banging and generally making a ruckus.

Maybe Americans aren’t so bad after all.

parade 2


ty at the front

singing with jim and sara

parade at sunset

~ by kbosin on June 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Summer Solstice, King Tides, Supermoon”

  1. This made me smile! Imagining the cross-cultural experience of those Australians was different from what they’ve seen in the movies, or read in books. Bravo, Mayberry!

  2. Crikey! These Yanks are bloody daft!

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