two cucumbers

… all we need for one quart of crunchy homegrown lemon pickles. Garlic, vinegar, dill, salt, lemon slices, trim, boil and refrigerate.

And do it again in a few days.

#preserving and #pickling does not have to be a giant production.

The lemons add a swell touch.

CRUNCH & garlicky – yes! Peppercorns.

Dear Summer/Garden/Slowfood: I love U!

pickes june 30

~ by kbosin on June 30, 2013.

5 Responses to “two cucumbers”

  1. Nice pic!

  2. So have you figured out how to monetize your blog? I saw the ad – though I did not click on it…

    • Nope. Is there an ad on it? What ad? does that to us periodically, in exchange for giving us a free platform and making the blog so easy. Sometimes I see a Johnsonville Sausage video – usually when my numbers are up (yay) and such. I always LOL and appreciate the fact that my blog isn’t vegan-themed! I suspect that the way it works is that they cycle various ads through various blogs. But I do know they wouldn’t bother if I wasn’t getting some traffic, so…

      Monetizing is a whole different story, right Amy and Shalagh? (These two have heard every single cockamamie idea I’ve considered.) Not there yet but not giving up. Thinking about a “donate” button, among other things.

  3. Need the recipe for that glorious jar of pickles! Please

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