Here’s what riding in the Budweiser Blimp feels like…

Let me tell you how it feels to ride in the Budweiser Blimp.

port side

(Yes,  I rode in the Budweiser Blimp!)

It felt exhilarating! Expansive! Fun! Sneaky and altitudinal.

My heart was in my throat, my stomach was down around my ankles, my brain was twinkling up and down!

High as a kite! Higher.

Hunter H. Harris will tell you what it’s like in words you’ll never forget “it’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to a magic carpet ride.”

It felt supported. Even though the little rattletrap engines were spinning and had that tiny motorboat sound, intellectually I knew that the helium would keep us up even if both engines failed.

starboard engine

It felt safe!

And flighty.

And floaty.

An eye-opener, for sure.

straight down

And the breeze came in the open window (the window was open!) and I put my camera out the window…..and my arm started shaking too much, but there I was, sticking my head out the window of the blimp’s gondola, looking down, looking around.

It felt like a gondola! Like riding up the Alps in a skiing gondola, but higher, more fun and not dangling from a wire. Well……dangling from a big helium balloon. (ugh, try not to think about the dangle part.) (and no Alps, but you get my drift.)



It felt like a kiddie ride, it felt like an amusement park, it felt like the slowest roller coaster that ever rolled, and it stayed mostly horizontal….

…but when it tilted downward it felt as scary-safe as it felt scary-fail.


It felt the way soaring seagulls look.

And Captain John, with a twinkle, turned the big wheels and it came tipping right back up, up, up again, then YIKES – flat, horizontal, perfect. He grinned as if we shared a secret.

captain john

Deep breath.

It felt like a movie.

It felt buoyant.

It felt like good fortune and good luck, and perfect timing and  being in the right place at the right time with the right people  all coincided at that one exact moment, and then there I was, flying above the earth, at around 35 mph.


I was looking down onto my beloved new home from the perspective of an osprey, an eagle, a satellite.

I WAS Google Maps.

Tunis Mills

It felt like WHEEEE!

By the time we landed, I could breathe normally again, my stomach stopped flipping.

watching from the ground

It felt like “I can’t believe I am riding in a blimp!”

But I was.

I hope you get a chance to do it sometime, too.

I can still get up there in my mind, my memorimagination.

It felt seriously #lucky.

Appreciation and gratitude for Hunter Harris of Aloft Aerial, and the team of the Budweiser Blimp, spreading their message along the east coast (designate a driver!)

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~ by kbosin on July 11, 2013.

11 Responses to “Here’s what riding in the Budweiser Blimp feels like…”

  1. Kathy, you are an exceptional writer, photographer and appreciator of this part of the world, along the Chesapeake.

    May your message soar with affirmation of the beauty of the Eastern Shore –

    Gratefully, Anne

  2. So happy for you. A bird in woman’s clothing.

  3. Now I kind of, sorta, wanna do it too!

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Omg, that sounds like quite a trip! Thanks for taking us all there with you – it (almost) felt like I was flying while reading about it. Now I wanna ride in a blimp, I REALLY do!!!

  5. Way fun thank you!

  6. Su is right. thank you for taking us on your magical ride. so glad you did it!

  7. Hi there Kathy, love this, beautiful pictures, we want to ride the blimp, too!
    Barb and Andy

  8. I am in the transportation industry and have been on a lot of different rides. I even went tandem skydiving once. But I’ve never had the pleasure of a ride on a blimp. What an incredible experience – I like the idea of a magic carpet ride.

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