Archaeology in Easton – The Hill project

Bannings Tavern in Easton sponsored a reception honoring the archaeology team uncovering Easton’s past on the Hill. You will recall that the Hill recently earned the distinction of being identified as our nation’s oldest free African American neighborhood. Here’s the team – undergrads, grads, PhD students and professors from College Park and Morgan State. And one student from Scotland.

The Hill team at Bannings

The crew uncovering the stories of this neighborhood will be hard at work M-F at the Talbot County Women’s Club at 18 Talbot Lane in Easton through July 26th. The public is invited to stop by during weekdays between 11am and 3pm. You’ll get to see the digs in action, including artifacts as they are pulled out of the ground.

Or stay tuned right here, because I will be visiting the dig next week, and will definitely share what I find.

This is SO COOL.

~ by kbosin on July 13, 2013.

One Response to “Archaeology in Easton – The Hill project”

  1. OMG. They continue to dig? I wanted to be an archaeologist from 4th grade through 11th grade. I love this stuff. Can’t wait to hear more.

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