empty again

empty crabtrap

My crab trap lies empty again, menhaden rotting away inside. With the exception of a fun day in late June, trot lining with Bill and Alice (you’ll hear about that sooner or later, with photos of the fat bushel we caught and ate with gusto), it hasn’t been a very good year for crabs around here. My neighbor – a commercial waterman – says he’s been lucky to get two bushels a day. I’ve only caught two crabs in the trap off the dock here on the cove. All that fresh water? Just a lousy year?

I’ll find out tomorrow, when I get to hang out with Steve Vilnit (DNR Fisheries Marketing Director) on a boat in Dorchester County. Stay tuned.


~ by kbosin on July 25, 2013.

4 Responses to “empty again”

  1. Here on the West Coast, it is the same story.

  2. We’ve been looking and looking for blue crabs this year at the tip of southern Maryland and seen very little. The local watermen are reporting the same thing — crabs are down overall and very scarce in some areas.

  3. We are having a spectacular year for crabs – especially this month – big & heavy. I think it has a lot to do with water temperatures – too hot in the tidal creeks & rivers, cooler over here in the Bay. I may regret posting this. 🙂

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