Pommeled by racing drag queens

This story gets filed in the “how can I be such an IDIOT?” department.

So, I went to cover the drag race for Hospice event in Easton on Sunday. It was a stellar event. Twelve local businessmen in the community agreed to dress up in drag, and run a block-long footrace in heels, all to raise money for our local Hospice organization. It was hilarious, and they raised almost $20,000 in this first year event. Wow!

I mostly went because Mark Williams, my co-chair for Shelter Century, was dressing up as a french maid. Of course I wanted to support him.  I will say – he was the prettiest of all the drag queens. As they were announced, each sashayed out and did a little dance, tried to entice the judges, etc.

Here they are at the start.

at the start

I stood in the middle of the street with the other media people, taking photos for the Spy. When the racers lined up, a bunch of us headed to the finish line, and stood there – far too close to where they’d finish.

I honestly thought I’d have plenty of time to jump out of the way.



Winners number one and two plowed over me, my legs went flying over my head, smashed onto the ground, feet in the air, prescription glasses flung some 30 feet away, lying there with my short skirt even shorter, underwear visible, I’m sure.

In front of 500 people.

Swell, KB. Good job.

I felt like a complete idiot.


It hurt!

Lesson: Am I really this dumb?

Answer: Apparently so.

Lesson #2: This is a very clever idea for a fundraiser. It’s especially good because the runners themselves do the majority of the fund raising, seeking sponsors from their own networks of family and friends. One can only assume that the Talbot Hospice Foundation will do this every year, and it’ll grow. Smart!

Guy with a camera sidled up to me to see if I was ok and said “I envy you.”


“You got the shot” he said.


(so what???? I could have ruined my entire year with a broken bone or a puncture wound somewhere from those stilettos!)


I did get the shot.

drag race

this could have been the shot

the shot


I’m way too old/smart to be impressed by “getting the shot.”

But I suppose I did.


Yikes is right.

~ by kbosin on August 5, 2013.

8 Responses to “Pommeled by racing drag queens”

  1. I can almost feel you falling over…

    And you DID get the shot… and thank goodness you didn’t break your neck…

    Yikes is right… you’ve paid your dues on that one…


    Repeat Daily: “Today I am thankful.”


  2. I ADORE the way you cover events!!! Up Close & Personal, Hands-on coverage … (who got the shot of YOU???) … you’re the best! cj

  3. Skirt? I’ve never seen you in drag. Glad your glasses are in tact. Even if you’re bruised and humiliated, you did get the shot ! National press worthy shot too.

  4. Great shots, too. Be careful out there!

  5. It looks like your friend the french maid twisted his ankle on those high heels. Hope he’s alright, and you too.

  6. Hilarious! What a fun fundraiser! There needs to be some sort of betting component to this – place your bets on your favorite drag queen and the winner gets matching donations from a corporate sponsor (a shoe or wig company, perhaps?)

    • They did exactly that. You could bet on your favorite queen and there were all kinds of partnerships with local salons for manicures and local shops for clothing, etc. They did a splendid job, and if nobody is doing this in St. Louis as a charity fundraiser, I think you or someone oughta grab it. They raised almost $20,000 at the day, and it was a first year event! And Easton’s a tiny little town compared to STL – it could be really successful there.

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