“the town that fooled the British”

St. Michaels had its 200 year blowout weekend, celebrating the War of 1812 AND Watermen’s Appreciation Day this past Saturday and Sunday. The crowds were great, the Inns and B&Bs were filled, people packed local restaurants and we all hope the local retailers did well too.

Reenactors slept on hay in tents in St. Mary’s Square, and marched around with bayonets. Honestly, I haven’t seen this many guns in town since…..Waterfowl weekend? The bayonets were real and looked SHARP. One reenactor was moving the crowd along by brandishing his steel sword. It worked, but…Jeez!

And whether the story of of St. Michaels townspeople fooling the British on that night in St. Michaels 200 years ago is true or not, it’s a great story, and lanterns were lit high in Muskrat Park’s trees this weekend.

I did experience a poignant moment following the fife and drum corps through the residential streets of St. Michaels, when I realized that this was indeed a re-enactment of a true moment. People marched, piped and drummed through the streets exactly two hundred years ago and yes, their weapons were sharp and they used them. I tried to shoot back in time, and imagine myself being on the streets on that day. I was flooded with appreciation that I live here now, and not then.

A great weekend in our little town! Here’s a peek in pictures (if you read the Talbot Spy, you may have already seen these pics, and if so, I apologize. TS.)

~ by kbosin on August 13, 2013.

2 Responses to ““the town that fooled the British””

  1. Your pix are such a diverse array – the re-enactors in exquisite detail … towns folk watching … the wonderful watermen’s traditions … what an accomplishment for lil’ ol’ St. Michaels. And you did it justice! Thanks again for caring so much about the traditions you present in word and photo – a Shorewoman indeed! cj

  2. Thanks for sharing your weekend…looks like a great time.

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