Like a bird (flight around the Mid-Shore)

Exhilarating. (Terrifying.) Exciting. All wrapped up in one heart-pounding hour. Obsessed as I am with flying in small planes over the Bay, when I have the opportunity to do it, I always freak a little. There was quite a bit of yelping in the backseat of that little Cessna yesterday, it was a good thing the pilot and his pal had headphones on.

We left the Easton airport heading east, then headed west and made a giant circle over the Mid-Shore — Tunis Mills, St. Michaels, Bozman (there’s my house and studio), looking out the starboard side over to the western shore on the way to Tilghman Island.  There’s Poplar Island. We turned east right over Knapps Narrows, crossing on the TIlghman Island side, and passed by Neavitt as we slid over around Oxford, and spun around the town. “There’s ice cream!”

We crossed the wide Choptank, looking over across to the marshy wetlands of Dorchester, spied Cambridge and that wide long bridge.

Zooming up the Choptank, meandering as it does, we passed the Dover Bridge, then Denton and Ridgley, Next, turn left, lean – there’s the Chester River, lean again – now Chesapeake College, the Wye River…

Again, I was reminded at how fragile our landscape is, especially Bay Hundred. Driving down these long roads, we see woods and glimpses of water. But from 1200 feet up, the tiny roads shimmer on thin ribbons of land – floating, dangling, just hanging there in the middle of that big blue water.

Exquisite, delicate, graceful.

Grateful to Frank Menditch for the super cool afternoon.

~ by kbosin on September 30, 2013.

4 Responses to “Like a bird (flight around the Mid-Shore)”

  1. I’m a “map person” and I really enjoy the challenge of locating the photos… Some I recognized right away: St. Michaels, Oxford, Knapps Narrows (drawbridge raised – nice touch!) Other photos, I had an idea but needed to consult Google Earth (Neavitt, Wye River)… And then I noticed the captions, LOL!

  2. Finally a “Thanks to Frank” flight. Do it more and you’ll yelp less.

  3. you’re the bomb

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