So, there’s a dog named Abby…

…and if you live around here and have a heart, you’ll know exactly what this is going to be all about.

Abby poster

Abby is a young Rottweiler, a service dog for wounded veterans –  who has been missing from Tilghman Island since the 4th of July weekend. Posters with her photo have been plastered from trees to poles to shop windows to gas stations and farmstands. Up and down the Delmarva Peninsula, in nearby cities. Everywhere.

There’s a reward. And a large and continually growing facebook following (with over 7050 Likes.)


But mostly, there’s a very devoted woman who loves this dog more than any dog lover does. I’ve posted plenty of lost dog fliers, even went looking for dogs before, but this is different, somehow.

Cindy – the owner – is so constant, so focused, so persistent in her search – more than anyone I’ve ever seen. Her pain is so evident in her facebook posts, in her poster pleas…..she has NOT given up on this dog. Faded posters are replaced with brand new ones – over, and over. Now there’s a QR code, now there’s new images, and video.

You gotta think – ok, a rottweiler with a bad eye booked in fear of the stupid fireworks (can we just stop with the fireworks, America? No? Ok, didn’t think so, but I don’t get them, and they stress out our pets, and people always get hurt…..yuck. Really.)

So this dog booked, in fear – and went….where?

In the marsh, I’d say.

But Cindy looked. Everywhere. All the marshes all around Tilghman. Of course. Immediately.

Maybe she was hurt, or slid in the woods to die, or got hit by a car. But – Cindy would have found her.

Maybe she jumped in someone’s car (or someone stole her? Stole a freaked out, scared, runaway dog? maybe…)

That’s the fear. That someone found and kept her, and maybe doesn’t know (how could they not, if they took the dog?) that she’s desperately needed back here on TIlghman Island.

But then you read about a dog that shows up at a family’s new home in California, after being lost during a move from Oklahoma 5 years ago.

I’m hoping you find your way home sooner than that, Abby.

Here’s yesterday’s post on the Find Abby facebook page: (note – 4 times a week, this is the same tone of message. Yes, it’s heart-hurting, which means it’s so filled with love, that we humans can hardly stand it. )

HELP FIND ABBY – Oct 7 – 95 days since Abby went missing. Three lonely months. No amount of time will take away the emptiness that I feel in my heart for my sweet girl…While I soldiered on these past four days riding for our wounded soldiers, I had a lot of time to think about and pray for Abby. I have racked my brain for anything – anything at all, that would be helpful in finding her. I always come up to a dead end. I have prayed, begged and cried my heart out. Where are you sweet girl? This is so unfair and I just don’t get it. I work longer hours to help pass the time. As I get into bed each night, I look at the empty space that belongs to Abby. Not just in my room, but also the empty space in my heart. Yesterday while riding through Brunswick, I passed a lady walking a dog that was missing a leg. I was reminded that our fur babies are strong and resilient. Abby, I am begging and praying that you are being strong now and that you know that I am searching for you. SHAME ON ANYONE that knows anything about where Abby is and is not doing everything they can to help her get home to me where she is loved and missed more than you will ever know.Abby – I love you and miss you so much honey…. I am so weary.I am and will always be owned by a Rotty… ~ Cindy

Please come home, Abby.

xo kb

~ by kbosin on October 9, 2013.

8 Responses to “So, there’s a dog named Abby…”

  1. Just an update, Cindy raised the reward to $3,000.00 for her return. No questions asked. I have been posting on facebook and to local rescues in my area of Georgia.

  2. One more thing. Cindy has posted on Facebook that she is hoping that she can get as many people from every state to share her post and contact their local Humane Society’s with her poster to get the word out so Abby can get home. The more people looking for her the better.

  3. God send you the blessing of finding Abby. Keep the faith.

  4. Cindy, from here in Kansas my heart is breaking for you and I am praying that if someone has her that they will surrender her to you. I know she is wanting to be with you

  5. Cindy, I’ve been following this since the day you first posted. My fear is that someone kidnapped her and doesn’t care at all about you, your greif and your loss. I actually pray nightly for her safe return. God bless you, and if the person that took her sees this DO THE RIGHT THING. Return her.

  6. Has Abby been found yet?

  7. Still praying for Abby to be found and brought back to her loving home. A st. Michaels resident, I am aware of your situation. I own a rottie, whom ive had since she was just eight weeks old. She is a young dog now with lots of energy and lots of kisses to share! Mrs. Cindy if you would be interested in giving her a place in your happy loving home, please contact me via email!

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