dark o’clock

Trying hard to appreciate these magic moments – when the day starts at 8:30 am and night draws herself up at 6.

dark o'clock-1_edited-2

Surely, there’s a plus….(but there’s just quiet, no response)

So, ok. Autumn has her own magic, more apparent to some (not me) than others.

May you find your right season and celebrate it!

~ by kbosin on October 30, 2013.

3 Responses to “dark o’clock”

  1. Dark enough this morning that dogs still sleeping at 7 a.m. and owls still hooting – but it’s warm!

  2. The trick, dear Kathy, is to begin the day at just after six when dawn’s rosy hues and a cup of coffee serve to brighten slowly and lengthen gently the shortening days, savor the long sunsets, and get asleep sooner. It is an adaptation I learned from the dog Mia and the chickens.

    • Oh, Charlie. Savoring is always the key to everything, isn’t it? Thanks for the reminder! I just got a fresh pound of rise up coffee, and will think of you tomorrow morning as I huddle by the cool dark edge of Harris Cove. We did have coffee on the dock with pjs and jackets this morning. Savoring…

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