Alright, I”ll make you a deal.

I’ll give you a link to a website that has the cutest kitten photos on the entire internet, if you vote for A Chesapeake Journal on the Mobbies – a contest for the Best Maryland Blogs sponsored by the Baltimore Sun.

I was nominated (thank you!) in both the lifestyle and the personal blog categories – you can vote for both, once every day this week till Friday when it ends.

You’ll have to do a couple things the first time – click here, click “login and cast your vote” to set up your email and a passcode (they only ask once) and then go through the myriad of other nominated blogs in other categories – You’ll flick down through Best Baltimore Sun Blog, Best College/Amateur Sports Blog, Best Community Blog, Best Entertainment Blog, Best Facebook Page (vote for CBMM!), Best Fashion Blog, Best Food Blog (my favorite is Savory Simple – Jen Farley is a food blogger of the highest order), Best Humor Account, Best Instagram Account, to Best Lifestyle account – find and vote for A Chesapeake Journal there, best New blog, Best News blog, Best Organization/Company Blog (Beautiful Swimmers!), Best Organization on Twitter (Eye on Annapolis) and then – whew! Best Personal Blog – please seek out A Chesapeake Journal there and click/vote, give your first name, last name, click agree, and you’re done. Whew.

Thank you!!!

Here’s the cute kitten link – you might have read that cute kittens are the number one most clicked on topic on the ENTIRE INTERNET, in every country since they started counting this stuff. Kittens. This guy has the world’s favorite-

The other thing you get is a list of some pretty cool blogs – look for Exploratorius – one of my favorites – under Best Photography Blogs, and if you want to learn about how to use facebook for your nonprofit organization, LIKE the CBMM right here and watch how well they use social media to educate, inspire and create community. And their Education Director, Kate Livie’s blog – Beautiful Swimmers – is a must read for anyone who like good writing about the Chesapeake.  I’m going through each category of nominations to explore some of my Maryland neighbors’ blogs – pretty fun.

Initially, I felt ridiculous begging for votes. If felt better to do the kitten link thing – an exchange of what I want for what the world seems to love. I mean….hey. Who doesn’t love that kitten under the hat photo, anyway?

~ by kbosin on November 10, 2013.

5 Responses to “shameless!”

  1. My goodness! Who knew there were so many blogs! But yours is definitely spot on for me!

  2. I started voting for your lifestyle category when I saw the sidebar thing. I know how you feel. I’ll keep on and beg votes for you too.

  3. Thanks for letting me know; I’m delighted to be able to vote for my favorite blogger! And congrats for the nomination. You totally deserve it.

  4. Thanks for the shout out for my website:

    I learned too late about the 2013 Mobbies, but will look for them again next year!

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