s-nope day

Today, big predictions of snow all around. Mid-Atlantic STORM!

Facebook and twitter this morning – jammed with continual updates and warnings and photos of big snow (mostly on the other side of the bridge – the western shore of the Bay, where all the people live and the banter and the busyness and the important! things! and people!

But here?


Some falling ice, some snowflakes. But mostly rain.

Another quiet winter day on the Eastern Shore. Geese, deer, sounds of slushy boots glomping back and forth to the studio to toss another log on the fire, pick up where I left off. Appointments cancelled. A dreamy day of circular work, not work, reading, phone calls, dreaming, nap, emails, lists.

But snow?



~ by kbosin on December 10, 2013.

5 Responses to “s-nope day”

  1. GREAT name for it! cj

  2. The Bay Water Temperature Controls The Weather On The Eastern Shore MOST of The Time…When the a creeks are frozen it’s a good chance of some Snow when there is Ice in the Bay an Excellent Chance of Snow….Keep In mind Snow cools the Bay Rapidly !

  3. Thus, I am blessed to live on this side of the bridge.
    Been to the other side, done that.
    I even heard a blue heron today.

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