it does take a village

We need each other. We all know this, but it really hits home hard when a mishap occurs.

Take our friend, Barbara Reisert – winner of the 2013 Claiborne Cup for her excellent work in founding the Claiborne Clarion. One little fall down the steps, and everything changes for a while. And when it’s your right ankle that’s broken, well, you’re not going to be driving anytime soon.

Barbara Reisert

Lucky for her that she lives in Mayberry. Before she even got home from the hospital, neighbors (Pete and Mary?) had rearranged furniture so she’d have a first floor bed. Patti organized an online sign-up for meals, errands, trash take-out, company, rides. Anne hosted her overnight so she didn’t have to go to a nursing home for a few days. Kirke showed up with two eggs, a frying pan and bacon “how do you like ’em?”, and it occurred to Bill that someone ought to be driving her car around every couple of days. And a thousand other little things – dog care, shampooing, vacuuming, etc. By the time I got there for a visit ten days later, there was a constant stream of visitors in and out…

…with Barbara in the middle, looking happy, feeling connected, cared for.

In her words “I learned that I’d like to be more present and give back.”

My takeaway – every little thing counts.

~ by kbosin on December 17, 2013.

7 Responses to “it does take a village”

  1. … guess the appropriate comment is: “Happy Holidays, Barbara … and good wishes to her many Elves! Small town caring is the best!” cj

  2. Dear Kathy,

    YES,! Wonderful picture and script. Thank you.

  3. nicely done, Kathy… nicely done, Barbara… nicely done, Claiborne… we all need a little help sometimes…

    Repeat Daily: “Today I am thankful.”


  4. Wonderful story! Thanks you for sharing with the wider world. i will pass it on:>)

  5. It is an old and oft repeated message but in the end, people can make a difference. I bet Ms. Reisert will have a happier holiday reflecting on the spirit of her neighbors and those neighbors will have a happier holiday for adding another spark of light to the world.

  6. Friendship is a true blessing. It is often the little things we can do that mean so much to others.

  7. Thanks for letting me know! I had no idea Barbara was hurt!

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