Six days celebrating with family, then a five-day whirlwind to the midwest… it’s so nice to come home to the Chesapeake again.

That certain light, the marshy smell, the feel of one’s own bed.

Slurped out to the studio to stoke the fire, and felt the familiar wet gush of Delmarva’s slushy muddy self seep into the holes in my boots.

It’s icy and wet, but the fire’s crackling, the ‘polar vortex’ isn’t supposed to be so bad here, and the spinach in the garden is still crisp. Pancakes!

Within 12 hours of our arrival home, Zip found some fish to roll in. Peee-YEW.

Home, indeed.

~ by kbosin on January 5, 2014.

3 Responses to “#homesweethome”

  1. I love when you makes pictures with words, Kathy They are such a compliment to your artful eye


    Repeat Daily: “Today I am thankful.”


  2. Pancakes!
    nom nom nom…

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