ice boating

…in Mayberry.

How fun on a cold winter day to clamber down onto the ice and watch a 40 year old wooden ice boat get rigged up and fly off.

The Mayberry gang has a small fleet (3? 5?) of these boats (this one is on loan.) The warm winters of the past few years have kept them in storage. I’ve been hoping for a chance to see them up close. And indeed! One tease on facebook this morning, then a call from Kirke, and whoosh! There we were!

Of course, experience, the quality of the ice and the wind have everything to do with how fast a person can go, but they say ice boats can move faster than the wind. Today’s ice had some slush on top, yet the cove is very shallow and the temps have been frigid.

As we were leaving, more friends came out with hot beverages, snacks and ice skates. Growing up in Delaware, I recall many winters skating on lakes, but it’s been decades since I’ve been outdoors on ice in winter. I squinted my eyes and felt certain for a moment that it wasn’t 2014 at all, but a long, long time ago. Timeless fun.

~ by kbosin on January 26, 2014.

7 Responses to “ice boating”

  1. Cool – pun intended!
    BTW, ice boats are also featured in the latest edition of Wooden Boat magazine.

  2. Claiborne/Mayberry brings out the best of past days where community was for better or for worse.

    Thank you for one of the best parts of this true community, Claiborne /Mayberry, displaying the gifts of the area for the appreciation of the greater communities.

    Anne,a friend of Claiborne/Mayberry

  3. Kathy – I’m an Easton resident who has met you twice – most recently at Oyster Fest. I’m curious – where did you grow up in DE? I’m from Sudlersville and was born in Dover. I’m guessing you might have been from “Up State” – not “Down State”. Loved this story – love all you do. Many thanks – L.

    • Hey, Lois! Yup, grew up between Wilmington and Newark, in the miles and miles of suburbs. In the past 15 years, tho, since my parents retired near Lewes, I’ve enjoyed getting to know lower, slower Delaware better than ever. What a great state we share! And Delmarva herself – fantastic!

  4. […] Here are some great pictures by Don–and a link to a bunch of great ones of the Claiborne crew, too. […]

  5. So cool!

  6. I also have a 40 yr old DN and I am looking to get out on the ice with a couple of other boats if the ice holds. Please let me know if you find good ice and plan to go out.

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