rushing to Tilghman Island?


(Monkey mind.)

trees winter rush

Then later, remembering…

…be here now.

DSC_1003 - Version 2

~ by kbosin on February 11, 2014.

3 Responses to “rushing to Tilghman Island?”

  1. I really like your first photo – very evocative for me… It sparks memories – well, feelings really – of similar road trips in cars now long gone. A sense of anticipation for what was to come – or conversely, an opportunity to reflect on events just transpired. Maybe it occurred before or after fishing or hunting trips, or traveling to/from college during breaks. The sounds and smell of a particular car, a countryside hurtling past – the familiar and the novel all at once. Great pic!

    • Continuing my thoughts… (I wish there were an edit capability for these comments!)

      It’s great photo-impressionism: there’s really no subject per se – the subject is whatever memories/emotions are triggered in the mind of the viewer. It’s a scene that we all recognize instantly, but it’s no particular place on the globe – rather it’s a place of personal experience that’s unique for any viewer. Again, great art Kathy!

  2. Thanks, Johnny! “The countryside hurtling past” is exactly what I was thinking about as I took those.

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