return of old friends

Surprised and delighted by the song of peepers last weekend, each day brings another sign of spring.

Yesterday it was temperatures in the 60s, maybe 70. Earlier this week it was watching a hundred tiny bufflehead ducks cover our end of Harris Cove, furiously pounding mud critters for that long migration ahead.

Swelling tree beds, pussy willow thickening, the familiar scent of spring onions!

Hellebores with heads hanging, daffodil tips, Vs of geese way high on southerly winds, heading due north.

A tiny yellow butterfly, flitting this way and that, in no hurry across the yard.

The first osprey was spied on Wednesday on the Patuxent River, on the other side of the Bay.

Celebration of March birthdays, fall spinach in the garden bed reaching for the sun, the chives almost harvest size.

Our blue crabs, swiftly swimming sideways, pushing their way up the Bay from their muddy winter home at the mouth of the Chesapeake. I wonder, where are they now? Due in our parts by April, they can’t be far. My mouth waters at that thought.

Pancakes on the porch this morning.


Notwithstanding tonight’s predicted snow, nature shows us – spring is definitely here. Such sweet joy in welcoming these old friends home again.

photo credit Dennis Normyle

photo credit Dennis Normyle

~ by kbosin on March 16, 2014.

17 Responses to “return of old friends”

  1. Check up on the Peachblossom Creek and see what’s happening,.

  2. this, my friend, was one of your finest.

    thank you.

  3. Thank you, Mark! and Tom – do tell! What IS happening on Peachblossom creek?

  4. Maybe I spotted the first osprey and just didn’t report it – Monday last week sitting on a fence on Wye Island and then Wednesday furiously constructing their nest on the osprey pole and I wondered if they had any clue of the coming 50 mph winds and cold – and then worrying about them as the wind howled all night long. But they were okay – hooray.

  5. Angry bird!

    …and nicely written – the voice is very familiar and comforting.

  6. Thought of you Kathy when an osprey was screeching overhead Saturday morning as Eamon was walking into the gym to win his soccer championship. And all day I kept hearing them as I worked on a project in the garage. Mom’s birthday, and the Ides, is always their day here on the Chop tank River. Love your post poetry.

  7. Definitely one of your best pieces , Kathy! Love the picture of the immature osprey eyeing the photographer.Saw My first osprey on wednesday, the 12th, here in Tilghman. Think that is one of the earliest sightings I have had. Keep hoping for the crabs!

  8. thanks Johnny, Shalagh and Eric! Enjoy your snow day!

  9. Reblogged this on Get Salty™ Blog – Ophiuroidea™ and commented:
    And thoughts of Spring dance in our head…

  10. Spring will get here… eventually. As I write this though at 10:30 AM, it’s snowing… about 2 inches so far… no big deal, but it’s not a welcome sight.

  11. I wonder what the ospreys think of the snow…

  12. Mitch, I think you’re right – they eat just fish, I think. But your comment made me wonder if having bright white all around the edges might make fish movement nearby more distinct. Only the fish hawk knows, I suppose.

  13. The best! Awesome capture, and great poetry – love the scents and scenes you evoke. I just posted about our osprey today. Welcome Spring!


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