Farewell, friend

She was jet black, with a little silver around her muzzle.

She had a strong, steady gaze and a serious disposition, except when she pranced and leapt in the air with delight (usually just before supper.)

Few souls on this earth enjoy mealtime as much as she did.

So mellow, she modulated the energy around her. As if her own life-force spread out, and filled the room with OOM. It was impossible, for instance, to quarrel when she was nearby – you just didn’t feel like it.

A yogi?


A canine?


Except! She had more in common with every cat I ever knew – than any dog.

What? A Labrador Retriever like a cat?


She was a golden, solid friend of mine. And to her family, more precious than diamonds, rubies and pearls.

May the tears shed from broken hearts today pave your way into the next paradise, Zoe.



~ by kbosin on April 7, 2014.

9 Responses to “Farewell, friend”

  1. Sometimes I think dogs are natural Buddhist. They seem to be already be enlightened about what is so important in life, able to just live in the moment and living only with kindness. Godspeed Zoe may you be with the stars tonight. From five canines in Northeast Georgia – Jinx, Titan, Lilly, Rose, Chloe’

  2. Donna, you are right. Thank you, so sincerely.

  3. So sad to read your wonderful elegy… she was a lucky dog and it sounds as though you were lucky too!

  4. It is so very hard to lose a pet. I’ve been there many times myself and so thank you for this post that made me stop and think of them all.

  5. Judy and Terry – yes, indeed. Thank you.

  6. Sorry for your loss. Zoe will be waiting for you.

  7. You honored her well today. Warm hugs to the humans left behind.

  8. I have a yellow lab that you have just described so if a rerun of those antics are needed bring them my way. And bring bathing suits too because you can’t believe the antics and the flying Walenda (sp?) in the pool.

  9. That really touched me; hope you are adjusting…
    Enjoy your postings.

    Buck Waller

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