Eat the Landscaping??

Ever think about using edibles in your landscape? Lettuce as a bed edging, or radishes and yellow peppers in your shrub bed? More and more, edible plants are popping up in all kinds of landscapes – from bright chard in containers, to kale and cabbages as backdrops to fall borders. It’s time to explore new ways of growing.

And lucky for you, Talbot County’s local foodie/garden expert Elizabeth Beggins will be teaching a workshop called ‘Eat the Landscaping’ at Adkins Arboretum on Sunday, May 18th.

As a food and garden writer, Elizabeth is sharp and succinct. As a cook and gardener, her experience comes from practice and experiments. From the market garden she once ran to her youfood youth project in St. Michaels, she has firsthand knowledge about food and flowers, shrubs, trees, fruits, preserving and more. She has taught in kitchens and barns, gardens and classrooms.


Fearless and confident, Elizabeth will guide you through plant choices, habits, selections and ideas. She’ll inspire and inform. And hopefully, she’ll spark some new ideas for your garden this year.

Elizabeth Beggins head shot for webRegister for Elizabeth’s workshop on Sunday, May 18th at beautiful Adkins Arboretum at 1:30 right here.

A 1:00 lunch option is also included if you choose. Contact Ginna Tiernan at or 410-634-2847 ext 27.

And – if you facebook or tweet this blog post, tagging me @kathybosin or on facebook  – you will be eligible to win free registration for the workshop!

How cool is that?




~ by kbosin on May 4, 2014.

3 Responses to “Eat the Landscaping??”

  1. This sounds like a good idea. If you’re going to spend money and time in your yard, you may as well allow it to feed you something. Lawns are really quite a recent invention.

    • Agreed! And just thinking about that workshop inspired me to go interplant radishes with lettuce in my raised beds, and golden beets among pattypan squash. So I did. And I think I’ll put thyme, basil and some green onions around the shrubs near the kitchen door this year, instead of way out there in the garden. Thanks, Elizabeth!

  2. Dana and I have blueberry’s as well as freshly planted red and green lettuce in the front yard….come see ’em when your back in town.

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