multicultural us

…yes, Talbot County, we are. We are here from every continent and every religion (or not) and every shade of pale (or not.) We are a broad and growing community, and we have such good fortune to welcome new neighbors from all over the globe.

Thanks to the Avalon Foundation for holding the 20th (?) annual Multicultural Festival in Easton on Sunday – a whirl of kids, games, music, rhythm, dance, spicy delicious foods from far away (I had the Pakistani chicken tikka YUM.)

Having found my way here from a big city, and after five years in this rural and largely white and old region (they call us “newly wed or nearly dead”) I totally appreciated this weekend’s reminder of how many beautiful shades of color that humans come in.

Someday soon I”ll tell you about the good works of the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center, but right now suffice it to say – this past Sunday in Easton was musical, rhythmic, delicious and colorful.

It will be right when every single local festival is this way, when our newcomers are in the thick of everything with the rest of us. I suppose we all have a hand in making that happen. Uh? Yeah.



~ by kbosin on May 5, 2014.

2 Responses to “multicultural us”

  1. Great photos, Kathy! What a fun & inspiring event. So good to see such a wide range of folks who live here out & about, together. I think it was the 15th year of the festival.

  2. Hilarious – “newly wed or nearly dead” – hadn’t heard that before! Thanks for the great coverage & great captures. You rock!

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