buggy parking only

…this sign, spied on the Upper Shore, with evidence that the rule has been followed to the letter. (Thanks, Suzi!)

horse and buggy parking only

Which brings me to this point.

Wait, no. I won’t rant on buggies….unsafe as they are, I’ll appreciate them instead.

It is kind of remarkable to see how the Amish population continues to grow as it does. Every time we go to Pennsylvania, we pass miles and miles of Amish farms – and buggies. It’s exceptionally curious how many people continue to choose to live in such a different way than the rest of us. Their population seems to be increasing rapidly. Babies everywhere.

Bravo, I say. Live your life your own way.

But your buggy, clip-clopping along on the side of the road with trucks and cars whizzing past – scares me to pieces. Especially when I see your ten-year old at the helm.


May the Force be with you.

~ by kbosin on June 3, 2014.

One Response to “buggy parking only”

  1. Gulp indeed – warp speed meets nature speed, and we hope it is a respectful and safe encounter.

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