#1 Jimmies – $380 per Bushel

Whoa, Annapolis!

Here at Bay Hundred Seafood earlier this afternoon – number ones were selling for $180/bushel.

$380/bushel is more than 5 bucks per crab.

Thanks to our friend Mitch, the photo blogger from the other side. If you haven’t seen his blog yet (it’s been plugged here before) – now’s an excellent chance to check it out.

Just imagine the price in Baltimore!

~ by kbosin on June 8, 2014.

3 Responses to “#1 Jimmies – $380 per Bushel”

  1. Tell me about it. And I thought the $360 per bushel that they were charging at this same time last year was highway robbery.

  2. Look at this one! Crabs are expensive!

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  3. And I wonder what they consider to be #1 Jimmies? Last time I ordered #1Jimmies, they were about the size of what used to be categorized as “medium” crabs. 😦

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