typography of roadside stands

Someone should do an experiment in which buyer expectations of produce deliciousness would be measured alongside the typography of the farmstand sign.

Bet they’d discover that the more homespun and chunky the look of the sign, the higher the expectation for scrumptiousness among potential buyers.

Don’t you totally believe both “sweet” and “juicy” in the sign below? Especially “sweet,” with those big “ee”s.

Very clever.

sweet, juicy peaches

~ by kbosin on June 12, 2014.

3 Responses to “typography of roadside stands”

  1. Ha! So true. I can just imagine the juice dripping down my chin. YUM.

  2. Yes, yes I do. That’s what I said to my Peach.

  3. Thanks for the warning. I like my peaches somewhat soft. When they are firm, they are not ripe, and will never ripen without bruises and soft areas. Those peaches will be tasteless.

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