Thunderstorm: “BOOM!”

Zip: “Bark-bark-bark!”

Thunderstorm: “BOOM BOOM CRACK!”


Thunderstorm: “ZAP FLASH WHAM!”

Zip: Frantically licks metal, “lick-lick-lick”

Thunderstorm: “BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM”

Zip: ‘lick-lick-lick”

Thunderstorm: “BOOM AGAIN!”

Zip: “Lick-lick-lick-bark-bark-froth-froth” with anxious look up “bark-bark-bark-bark-bark-bark-bark”

Me: deep breath. SIGH.



~ by kbosin on June 13, 2014.

3 Responses to “Thunderstorm: “BOOM!””

  1. Man, Zip… licking metal is the LAST thing I would do in a thunderstorm…

    My grandfather loved to tell me about how friends of his got struck by lightning because they refused to wear their rubbers… The nails in their shoes! attracted the electricity…

    My mother was terrified as well… One of her big rules was, DON’T RUN, or you’ll definitely get struck and killed… I remember as a child being caught in a storm suddenly and repeating that phrase ‘don’t run, don’t run…’ till the sky ripped open beside me… and man did I run then… sure I was going to be struck but unable to stop myself from saving myself the only way I knew how…

    I love to be out in a storm now… just came in, in fact, totally sopping wet… but, I certainly did not lick any metal…

    I think we should collect and submit lightning stories to the Sun’s Readers Write section!!!

    Thanks for sparking these memories…

    Patti Cruickshank-Schott

    For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love. — Carl Sagan


  2. My last dog, Cassie, was so frightened of thunderstorms, she would jump up on my lap and then get right up to my face. I had to reassure her that everything would be okay. Cassie was too scared to bark.

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