take a summer swim


The coolness, the slide…that deep cool swoop. …go back! – to high school, hanging out with your friends, at the local swimming hole wherever it was….remember that?

<Yes, I DO remember…>

Do you?

Here’s the present-day version of exactly that – you, your friends, your ocean/pool/lake/river/creek. Here in Talbot County, in June of 2014. (Yes, fun.)

But it’s not too late…the jellyfish aren’t here yet…

Miles River, here I come!

jump 1 jump 2 jump3

~ by kbosin on June 18, 2014.

5 Responses to “take a summer swim”

  1. Because it was just August hot today. Love the action shot Kathy.

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Such a universal summer treat. Hubs & I took advantage of a little babysitter time yesterday – took the boat out – and enjoyed a swim. Until I saw a stingray flapping his wings at us from about 3 feet away. Then I jumped out of the water & ran across it back into our boat like Wiley Coyote in a cartoon! Even though I know the skates are “more afraid of me than I am of them.”

    • Amanda – that sounds terrifying! As much as I love to swim in the local waters, having big things brush up against you in water that isn’t clear is just plain frightening. Thanks for the warning – think I’ll go to the pool!

  3. Where is that bridge that the kids are jumping from?

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