Bravo Flyer – 2nd place in the Newport-Bermuda Race!

It was pretty exciting to know THREE sailors on a boat together in this year’s Newport-Bermuda yacht race – my neighbor Carl Wesby, the indomitable Mike Kabler and Steve Bradley. They raced aboard Flyer, a Cal 40 owned by Douglas Abbott, affiliated with both Tred Avon Yacht Club and the Miles River Yacht Club. It was even more exciting to hear that they took 2nd place overall (!) and in their class, beating their rival boat. (Of course, looking at the results online, I see that there are two different sets of race results, one where Flyer came in 2nd, one where Flyer came in 4th, but I’m going with the first set – the ORR – Offshore Racing Rule – results). Great news for a crew from our little county!

newport bermuda race

We tracked the race in real time here and there – sometimes in the middle of the night, sometimes morning or evening, and Flyer seemed to be hanging in the top third. What we didn’t know watching it here at home, was that out there on the ocean, there was NO wind. None. Boats were basically floating around, hardly able to get anywhere. Nobody was going anywhere fast. It was a very difficult five days.

But of course winds picked up and there are probably some great stories and photos to share about this year’s race. In all some 27 of the 163 boats in the event came from the Chesapeake Bay. We’re so happy for our local Talbot County boat, Flyer! Bravo!

Here they are pre-race.

Flyer - befcore the start

~ by kbosin on June 26, 2014.

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