“downey oshun, hon”

Thanks to my pal Maureen McHugh, I have another occasion to tell you a little about one local colloquialism. She actually typed these words to me in an email this afternoon – “Going “Downey Ocean Hon” be back in a week!”
Here’s the Urban Dictionary translation of “downey oshun, hon” –
In Baltimoron, this refers to Ocean City, MD, and would be literally translated as “down to the ocean.” Ocean City, MD is a very popular vacation destination, and a source of much regional culture.
For example, 19th Street is named “Johnny Unitas Way,” honoring the greatBaltimore Colts quarterback of the 1960s and 1970s, who wore the number 19.
“Doen’cha knoe, hon, we wint downy oshun, but’t took frevr t’git uvr dat dang Baybrij!”
Translation: “My friend of the opposite sex, we traveled to Ocean City, MD, but it took an exasperatingly inordinate amount of time to cross the Chesapeake Bay using the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.” Note: Traffic for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge can be backed up for 15 miles on summer weekends.
<<This information provided by Dan Weyandt on April 09, 2008>>
So, see what I’m sayin’?
“Ballmer, Merlin” (Baltimore, Maryland) – such rich language.
Don’t you love local-speak?  Here in Talbot County, “hoi toide” is “high tide.”
Love it.
What’s yours?

~ by kbosin on July 9, 2014.

6 Responses to ““downey oshun, hon””

  1. Well, back many moons ago when I worked the office at Oxford Boatyard, I learned the usual nautical terms, but also some Shore-speak! Like … Dickie used to say the bat-try term-nals were croded bad. And guys had to wrench off in the zinc … and there were some awesome nautical naughties I admit, that I can still remember … but dare not mention here! I’m sure I’ll come up with many more such remembrances in the next several days … thanks for the kick-start, Kathy. cj

  2. Having lived my whole life in Texas, one of the marks of a true Texan is to be able to say “shit” in 4 syllables

  3. Tilghman Is is full of such speak! Cra yub is a 2 syllable word, lubricant is named after some guy (Earl!) and Flat cam describes a certain type of weather/ water surface phenomena,

  4. Nice research hon. Hi my name is Shay-ul-luh. I’m from Bawlmer where it’s not just about the accent, it’s the mindset and the truths people live. And what they want to escape going Downy O’.

  5. This reminds me of a saying from my childhood on the shore “gong don Oopers Iland to get me um oisters and Sectery to get um feesh” or “I’m going to Hoopers Island to get Oysters and Secretary to get fish.” It’s soooo much easier to say than type!

  6. It’s most interesting that an “Altoid” is quoted for defining Balmerese. For the un-initiated, an Altoid is not a mint, but a native of Altoona, PA. And yinz should know that we speak in Pittsburghese there.

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