You’re an artist?

For five days at the cabin earlier this month, I watched Kevin make watercolors of trout, using a calendar as reference. I loved watching the fish change each day. It is such a peaceful process, and with the ever-present sound of the creek rumbling below, it’s meditative. And though I’ve been watching him paint and draw for some 30 years, I never get tired of it.

painting fish 1

trout painting

It’s funny to watch how the general public responds to artists.

The number one response upon finding out that a person is an artist is this:

“Oh, you’re an artist??? I can’t draw ANYTHING!”

They usually go on and on about it, denigrating any ability or talent they might have.

And I wonder….

Do they say that to their chiropractor? Plumber? Accountant? Landscape architect? Broker? Dentist?

Come on.

But we know that the difference with art is that we all once were artists. As children, we all knew how to create and easily identified with that. But it doesn’t take long for mother culture to grab us and shake it out.

Unfortunate. How wonderful would the world be if more people considered their creative thoughts as art? We know that creativity is part of being human – we all spark creative thoughts all day long without trying.

I think I’ll work on staying comfortable with the idea that I’m an artist, too.


painting on porch

~ by kbosin on July 29, 2014.

5 Responses to “You’re an artist?”

  1. A wonderful post – the juxtaposition of words and images crackles – and so so so true…. Ask a kindergarden class if there are any artists in the room and everyone raises their hands… That is something so precious and we need to value and nurture it in ourselves and in each other…

    You are an artist, Kathy…. believe it…

    Patti “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ― Gautama Buddha ________________________________

  2. Excellent observation Kathy (as always!). Love your blog. Jan

  3. Stop

    Lady J……….. Sent from my iPhone


  4. How did I just discover this one?! Oh my. It’s just as beautiful as I remember, those photos are stunning. Love to see “Chris’s Rainbow” in progress 🙂

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