horsefly o’clock

AARGH! The curse that follows our good fortune, living in this Chesapeake paradise. Horseflies in September, right after the jellyfish/nettles.



Yuck squared.

Yet…hmm…if you think about it, they appear at exactly the same time as the local crop dusters – and act the exact same way!

Out of nowhere, last Tuesday, there they were dive-bombing, screaming, shooting, careening, but not really – they’re excellent pilots. Open your car door and boom! Bam! Buzz! Slam-slam-slam! God, what a ruckus! Get out, already!

Sometimes, you arrive somewhere, and – BAM-ZIP-SLAP-THUNK they’re diving at you, in the doors of your porch, your house, boom-bam-slap – suicidal? maniacal?

And when they bite! Ach! Nasty little buggers. I’m quite sure they have big, spiky, probably filthy teeth.

But, hey. We live in an awesome cool place, right?

Let it go.


~ by kbosin on September 11, 2014.

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