A local landscaping company in St. Michaels gets an A+ for persistence in trying to get people to visit their website.

For a long time they promoted contests on the sign in front of their business – “Visit our website to win a free tick spray for your lawn!  Congratulations to Mary Johnson for winning the free tick spray! Win a free consultation! Win a free lawn aeration! Visit our website today!”

Then last week, “Veal Scallopini recipe on our website” and yesterday “Recipe of the Week: Basic Grilled Crostini.”

Of all the places to go for recipe ideas…..your local landscaper’s website? The place that’s always talking about tick spray? (gasp.)

Reaching deep, but they KEEP! ON! TRYING!!

Totally appreciate the effort, Dell Sadler.


~ by kbosin on October 9, 2014.

2 Responses to “persistence”

  1. Love this post, Kathy. Yes, A+ for Dell for effort. 10 years ago we added lunch and recipes as part of the Adkins Arboretum’s nature walks and called them Soup and Walk. 10 years later these monthly nature walks are going strong.

    • That’s so great and it definitely works, Ellie. When I think of Adkins, I think native plants of Delmarva, art in the woods, and soup and walks.

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