…on this day of thanks, my favorite holiday of the year. I’ve spent the last day or so in quiet appreciation for every single thing. Faces appear in my mind’s eye, and I hold them there, let the image grow, feel the essence of that person, recall their voices, appreciate and thank. Lindsey’s soft laugh, Alice and Bill’s warm smiles, the way that all faces shine in the soft glow of the Claiborne Village Hall on a potluck night. Rachel balloons up in my mind’s eye with deep doe eyes and Ed, always steady, always fun, so solid after all these years. Mo. The Ms. Cynthia, Kathy, the Kablers, friends afar. My sister, and our four parents. R&J. The warmth of my home and the depth of family and community. Feelings of connection, belonging.

Such riches!

Such wealth.

All that interspersed with the jagged pain of #Ferguson, oppression, entrenched and systemic inequality, the growing movement for change. Seeking those new leaders that are emerging across the nation. Sending love and peace to my family of friends and neighbors in St. Louis.

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you, dear reader. May your plate be full and your heart warm today. Let’s imagine and reach towards a better world for everyone.


thanksgiving 2014

~ by kbosin on November 27, 2014.

One Response to “appreciation”

  1. Thank you for your kind words, we are indead thankful for you and Kevin as well.

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