rainy saturday kitchen window view

slow saturday.

rain. blankets. books.

boots squish through mushy 55 cold rain steps, but gotta keep the studio’s wood stove chugging.

english muffin french toast.

public radio.

saw a kid standing in Harris Cove waist deep in some kind of hunting gear, just standing.

took a drive.

…and a hundred snapshots of nothing.

googled (ahem) among other things – “lemon rosemary shortbread cookies” and “fish curry stew” which is now in the making on the stove.

Ah, December.

I love you.

~ by kbosin on December 6, 2014.

One Response to “(d)rainy”

  1. Nicely done and I feel like I was there. Hope the stew turned out well. And know those cookies will be wonderful too.
    Love to you,

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