…nine hundred ninety nine, one thousand!

This marks one thousand times in five years that I put pen to the page, or rather, fingertips to keyboard for this blog. Each time a user posts something, WordPress says “Congratulations! That was your 567th post on this blog!” or whatever it was. All I know is that when I saw “This is your 999th post” last week, I kinda froze.  What on earth should I say for the 1000th time? (Well, one might wonder if a person might be inclined to shut up for a while and listen after 1000 times talking, and I am indeed, taking that under consideration.)

But typical lucky me found a way around that scary place. I was invited to join in the Tangier Holly Run yesterday – the 46th time that Maryland pilots joined together to bring holly, good cheer and Santa to Tangier Island, 12 miles off shore in Virginia’s lower Chesapeake Bay. More on that later, because I have hundreds of pix, and some ideas about what I keep learning from these islanders, BUT.

My awesome pilot, Joe Budge of Annapolis flew all around so I could get photos. And in spite of the fact that I actually got lost flying from Cambridge, Oxford, and Neavitt to Bozman (???) and ended up circling in Royal Oak, I managed to spy our little home on Harris Cove in Bozman.

So, for this 1000th post on this humble journal…appreciation for this place in downtown Bozman, for the owners, for our friends and neighbors, for Talbot County herself. For the people who keep inviting me to do things like this and for the people I haven’t yet met who are doing interesting, wonderful, generous, cool things everywhere on the Eastern Shore – thank you times one thousand!

Here’s our cove in #Bozman on #HarrisCreek. So cool to see from above. Thanks, @Joe_Budge!!

ruby harrison and environs

~ by kbosin on December 14, 2014.

One Response to “…nine hundred ninety nine, one thousand!”

  1. Hooray, booyah, and congratulations Kathy!

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