was it the bleating or the roar…

…that got me up and outside rushing toward Harris Cove moments ago, in the dark of this Sunday eve in January?

I’m sure it was the geese rounding down into the cove that I heard while busy at my desk with the important details of facebook friends’ posts and tweets. Yet I stepped up to peer outside just in case…

Jan 4 bleating and roar

A white light was shrinking and the dark clouds were overtaking, but it was the roar of the wind coming from the west, whirling round the cove that sent me outside in my slippers. Whoa! Back in for a camera and hood to step out into the whistle. And I did.

Whoo-hooo! Whirling winds weeping and whooshing. Geese swinging, swirling, calling, landing into the cove.

LOUD a deep WHOOM in the background, perhaps those westerly winds the weather channel foretells are nearing – surely, otherwise – a tornado. Booming, deep (yes, exciting!)

Stop! Listen! Smell and feel. It’s 58 degrees and dark, but something else is brewing on this January eve. Winter on its way. Or perhaps, simply January herself, reminding us that the Christmas holiday is about over…the wheel turns… <creak.>

Jan 4 bleating and roar

~ by kbosin on January 4, 2015.

2 Responses to “was it the bleating or the roar…”

  1. what a sound that was….

    “Stay young, always, in the theater of your mind.” – Mary Oliver, Blue Horses ________________________________

  2. You heard it too, in Claiborne! Wild.

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