So the Sunday before the 2015 MLK Day was rainy – HARD rain – the kind that blew any thoughts of tip-toeing places – everyone’s boots were soggy. Zip didn’t even – you know – till like 1:00 pm – “No way” she said, over and over this morning. Pounding, blinding, pouring rain. On a Sunday? O yea! PJs and boots, TED Talks, cramming the woodstove, caramelized onions because – why not on such a day?

It stopped as fast as you might imagine, then a brief sky blue strip before the fog bellowed in below, seeping in and pouring up and enveloping it all.

We went down to the water after the main rain because – oh duh.


And now we’re making mac and cheese because we can. #winterweekend



~ by kbosin on January 18, 2015.

5 Responses to “fog-arella”

  1. We experienced the exact same day as you! But you have such a great way of sharing the experience. As it cleared we walked to the landing with our 2 four legged kids – and there was just a small wisp of fog barely noticeable.

  2. I cooked three meals, huevos, beef stew, and chops with rosted ed cabbage and apples. And thankfully enjoyed that brief sunny spell up in my craft room crafting! And I didn’t lose my mind trapped in the house with my children. #storyofmyday

  3. FOOTBALL!!! love the photo fo Zip

  4. After a 60 hour work week I was more than glad to sit in Tellus 360 and listen to great bunch of jazz musicians jam the drizzly afternoon away.

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