whoosh! They’re gone and they’re back.

All it took was a strong southerly wind for the tundra swans on Delmarva to get up and move on out this week. I woke at 4am on Tuesday to their loud whoops. Lying in bed, I could hear and feel them moving north. You can tell when birds are migrating, if you’re paying attention. You can feel their intent.

Later, Kevin said that he experienced the same thing 3 hours north, in Lancaster County, PA, and he heard waves of tundra swans for hours.

Then this morning, that same southerly wind brought home our far traveling osprey! Kevin grabbed a phone pic of the first one home this year on the Miles River in Bay Hundred, after a very long flight from South America. Welcome back!

first osprey 2015So it’s a reminder, with the sparse daffodils and peeks of green, maple flowers and cold wind. The crabs are swimming, pushing those flat little legs, sliding along on their sides as they do, on their way up the #ChesBay. On facebook today, Jim Scoggins showed beautiful yellow perch freshly caught in Queen Anne’s County.

Jim Scoggins yellow perch march 18

It won’t be long before we can smell the marsh again.

Seems everything is right on time. Like always. That means even you and me… right on time. That big ol’ wheel going round as it does…

We’re all part of this thing together.

How cool is that?

~ by kbosin on March 18, 2015.

2 Responses to “whoosh! They’re gone and they’re back.”

  1. Nicely done as well.

  2. Way cool

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