The Ballad of Holland Island House by Lynn Tomlinson

~ by kbosin on March 31, 2015.

9 Responses to “The Ballad of Holland Island House by Lynn Tomlinson”

  1. Thanks for sharing my film! It looks like this is the perfect place for this story. You can follow the film and public screenings here:

  2. and here is info on how it was made – fantastic!

  3. Pretty cool

  4. I am moved beyond words. Thank you to Lynn and you Kathy.

  5. Makes me so sad…

  6. It’s the most haunting and beautiful art piece I’ve seen on climate change. Lynn’s paint and video technique is mesmerizing and the vocals soak down into your soul.

  7. Thank you for sharing my film! I remember looking at your site while I was animating the film during a residency at Saint Mary’s College last spring.

  8. I loved this. My great-grandparents, my grandmother and her brothers and sisters had to leave their home on Holland Island, because the island was eroding and sinking. Jacob Bain Bradshaw and his family then made their home, first in Bar Neck and then in Fairbank on Tilghman Island. The lovely ballad tells the story in a clever way. When, I saw that last house standing years ago, I wondered about the stories that were told by the last inhabitants on the island. I am glad my grandmother was able to tell me about her original home and share her story with me.

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